Laser Services

UPDATE 10/20/2023: We have Lasers coming next week. Services will open very soon. 

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Pictured: Leslie Dvorak (left) and Lindsey Koch (right).

(Lindsey had a CO2 facial during laser training. This picture was taken 2 days after the treatment.)

Certified Laser Specialist Graduates

Leslie and Lindsey spent April 16-22, 2023 in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Laser College. This was a 20 hour online class followed by a 40 hour in person training. The course covered laser safety and all of the current laser treatments available. Both Leslie and Lindsey are now Certified Laser Specialists (CLS) and will be able to offer laser services for our patients. 

They were extensively trained in laser hair removal, tattoo removal, fine line & wrinkle reduction, scar removal, skin tightening, melasma treatments, acne scar removal, sun & age spot removal, and vaginal rejuvenation.

The Plan:

We plan to purchase a hair removal laser to be able to offer laser hair removal for all skin types. We would like to begin offering these services this Fall/Winter. We are currently searching for the lasers we need.

In the near future, we plan to purchase a CO2 laser to be able to provide more services that include CO2 facials and vaginal rejuvenation.  

In the distant future, we plan to purchase tattoo removal lasers to be able to offer tattoo removal. 

Laser Services Available:

Laser Hair Removal

Refine Texture