Health Resources

Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine

Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine offers a Fertility Preservation for Transgender Persons program.

The UCSF Center for Excellence in Transgender Health

The UCSF’s website offers information routine care, HIV prevention, cultural competency and mental health for trans people and professionals who work with trans people. Also included are the UCSF Primary Care Protocols for Transgender Care - a detailed, evidence based set of guidelines for comprehensive care of transgender patients.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

WPATH’s website has a provider and referrals directory, the WPATH Standards of Care (guidelines for health care providers and insurers on trans health issues), and more. The WPATH Standards of Care are subject to revision when new medical evidence supports relevant changes. To ensure you are referring to the latest edition of this information, please check for updates in the Publications section at

UNO Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic

The UNO Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic offers vocal training for transgender people to assist them in modifying their voices and speaking styles to more closely align with their affirmed gender. As part of the programs community engagement the speech-language pathology program offers sessions that may vary in timing and space and that follow academic calendars.