Referring Providers


If you are needing to refer your patient to us for care, please fax the referral to 877-684-6190. Then have patient visit the website to schedule. We currently do not have the capacity to call to schedule them. They can click the schedule appointment button to choose when they would like to be seen. We have in person appointments available in Bellevue, Nebraska. We offer telehealth appointments for people living in NE, IA, SD, ND, KS, CO, DE, NV, AZ, WA and TX. 

UPDATE ON Minors: 

Please click here for link to Nebraska LB 574 that goes into effect on October 1, 2023. Check back for updates on care for minors under 19 in Nebraska.

*UPDATE* Minors can still be started on gender affirming hormones with a letter from a therapist after completely at least 40 hours of therapy with a neutral therapist. The letter must be received by the provider prior to the appointment. After the initial consult and consent for gender affirming hormones is signed, there is a 7 day waiting period before starting hormone therapy. Minors must continue therapy while on gender affirming hormones to discuss transition and their mental health. These visits must be at the least 1 hour every 3 months.

If you are needing to refer your patient to us for care, please fax the referral to 877-684-6190

We only see minors age 14 and up for gender affirming hormones. We are able to see new minors in person at our Omaha, NE location ONLY. Follow-up appointments may be done by telehealth.

Requirements for an appointment:

Online scheduling not available for this service. In order to schedule, we must have the letter from the therapist as detailed above. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!